Comparing iList Data and the Competition

Choosing between iList Data and another database tool? Ask yourself these 12 questions:

  1. Does the competition offer a true Macintosh interface experience? iList Data uses document windows, floating palettes, and dialog boxes to capture a true Mac OS X experience. And you can save up to nine workspaces as window sets for instant recall.
  2. Do the windows and layouts the competition creates look like Mac OS X windows? User designed record editors in iList Data do because they use genuine Mac OS X interface controls. And aligning and sizing controls is a snap because iList Data takes care of this automatically.
  3. Does the competition support integrated graphing? iList Data features summary and inline graphs that allow you to browse your data visually. Options include bar, line, pie, and dot graphs.
  4. Does the competition support date and time fields, calendar controls, color swatches, and number and time sliders? iList Data does plus it has the full complement of text and paragraph fields, list boxes, pop-up and contextual menus, with full masking support for controlling user input.
  5. Does the competition support ten find modes? iList Data can search for parent values, anomalies, prevalences, ranges, and selected field values. iList Data can also search across relational tables with one click.
  6. Does the competition support standard query language (SQL) searches? iList Data does because SQL is the industry standard for searching databases, perfect for those who are teaching and learning data management skills.
  7. Does the competition support a history list and bookmarks? Return to a recent or favorite search in iList Data by choosing queries from the History and Bookmarks menus.
  8. Does the competition allow you to quickly batch edit multiple records? With iList Data's batch editing window you can update multiple records with only a few mouse clicks. For even more batch editing power, rely on iList Data's Edit Conditional window.
  9. Does the competition allow you to send records to Microsoft Excel and Word® and images to Apple iPhoto® and reports to the Apple iPod®? iList Data does and it boasts full support for Microsoft Word's mail merge features as well.
  10. Does the competition allow you to launch, reveal, copy, move, trash, delete, and set the properties of imported file paths? iList Data does and it logs every action for every file path you modify so you can retrace each change. Plus you can import file properties.
  11. Does the competition allow you to stream Web images? With iList Data you can build a Web-based image catalog - with full search and sort support - that can then be distributed to family and friends as a single database file.
  12. Does the competition cost less than $70? iList Data is affordably priced at $69.95 U.S.